IUCRP Grant P03-01

Project Title:
IUCRP and Cal ISI Impact via CalInnovationBase: Industry-University Joint Research and Academic and Commercial Innovation

Grant From:
University of California's Industry-University Cooperative Research Program, grant # P03-01

Principal Investigators:
Lynne G. Zucker and Michael R. Darby

Project Period:
June 30, 2004 - September 30, 2005

Submitting Unit:
UCLA, School of Public Policy and Social Research: Center for International Science, Technology & Cultural Policy


The UC Industry-University Cooperative Research Program (IUCRP) and the California Institutes (CalISI) are designed to foster frontier and very broad research programs, and to speed up the transfer of new discoveries to commercial use. These programs combine the efforts of university and company scientists to advance the scientific knowledge base, to build a bridge between university discoveries and commercial application in companies, to build statewide networks of expertise, and to educate the R&D workforce.

Our proposed project is designed to aid IUCRP and CalISI in their goal of improving the understanding of the impact on the economy of public investment in basic research and education programs of the research university. We plan to do so in two primary ways: (1) Establish an archive CalInnovationBase, containing data on publications and patents related to Discovery Grant participants and CalISI participants, including professors, other scientists, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and other lab team members at UC campuses and collaborating California companies; and (2) Collaborate on an initial paper using CalInnovationBase to serve as a demonstration of use and to document InnovationBase for use by other researchers (e.g., data elements, their content, source and format).

To accomplish these objectives, we further develop the work we have undertaken under earlier IUCRP support by adding an explicit database-building component, building on preliminary work done on development of Nanobank (NSF NIRT 2003-2007) and on evaluation completed for the Advanced Technology Program, National Institute for Standards and Technology (Darby, Zucker, and Wang 2003 and forthcoming). We plan to focus on the individual person(s) receiving the award and those they work with and train, and also to aggregate to the organizational level.

CalInnovationBase will be available as a secure web-deployed database for a small number of researchers each year, as licensing of parts of the database will allow. These researchers will be selected by IUCRP and CalISI program-related staff in competitive review under the direction of Dr. Cherisa Yarkin, Director of Economic Research.