IUCRP Grant P01-02

Project Title:
The Economic Impact of University Nanoscale Research in California

Grant From:
University of California's Industry-University Cooperative Research Program, grant # P01-02

Principal Investigators:
Michael R. Darby (UCLA)

Co-Principal Investigators:
Lynne G. Zucker (UCLA), James R. Heath (UCLA)/replaced 2002 by J. Fraser Stoddart (UCLA), Evelyn L. Hu (UCSB)

Project Period:
April 30, 2002 - April 29, 2004

Submitting Unit:
UCLA, School of Public Policy and Social Research: Center for International Science, Technology & Cultural Policy


This project initiates research on the economic impact of university nanotechnology-relevant research. We will collect real time data on California nanotech firms and their relationships with firms by adding a 100-firm over-sample to the CAIRN Survey. We will combine survey and archival data to estimate the impact of university research on entry into and success in nanotechnology by implementing the methodology used successfully by Zucker and Darby in biotechnology. We will initiate a nanotech sub-archive in the central Archive Linking Innovation, Science, and Technology (ALIST); public use data will be available via internet and human-subject-protected and licensed data will be made available to visiting scholars with appropriate safeguards. The project collaborators include leaders in economic and sociological studies of science and technology and the two scientific leaders of the new California NanoSystems Institute ensuring that the research will be well grounded in both the science and the institutional structure of nanotechnology. A fourth goal of the project is to initiate a CNSI institutional assessment data collection and analysis program. CNSI is committed to collecting data useful for evaluating the state's returns on its investment and hopes thus to provide a model relevant to the other California Institutes of Science and Innovation.